How to Avoid Common UX Mistakes

UX is constantly innovating and evolving, but some innovations shouldn’t be pursued if they require sacrificing clarity or functionality. Poor UX design destroy your potential clients. Whether you are practicing a User Experience Design strategy or not, the following list may be helpful in reflection over your current and future application development projects.


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Website Navigation Best Practices

When we visit the website we use its navigation to help us find what we are looking for. Unfortunately, many websites have navigation that wasn’t particularly well planned. But little things make a big difference. The structure and labels of your navigation can have a huge impact on results. Navigation affects your website traffic and website conversions. Here is a checklist for website navigation best practices.


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25+ Parallax Scrolling Website You should Try in 2017

Parallax scrolling is a site on which the elements scroll at different speeds creating a dynamic effect. Parallax scrolling effects were a big trend in 2016 and designers have only gotten cleverer with these mouse-based movements. That trend is not dead but continue with more impressive – and fancier parallax effects. Modern parallax degrades gracefully, lazy loads elements, and contributes positively to user experience. But remember parallax scrolling can backfire if overused. Today we have lisdted some parallax effect website you can consider in 2017 web design trend.


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Tips to Make Your Website User-Friendly

Designing the user-friendly website is extremely important. It will make sure your clients keep coming back. Normally people preferred website with clear navigation and links. If your customers cannot find the right thing immediately quit in frustration and never come back. Making sure your website is user-friendly is not as easy as it sounds; the key is to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. 


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Common Web Design Mistakes Small Business Should Avoid in 2015

Small Business need good website to grow their business. As a small business owner you are depending on your website to drive customers for your business. Business owners become serious and more consider about their website.  It’s not always easy to drive visitors to your business. Some web design mistakes occur more frequently than you may think. If you avoid those mistakes you can drive customers for your website. In this post I have listed some mistakes which you can avoid for long run.


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6 Most Common Mistakes While Designing a Website

Every business has a website now. Website is the digital representation of your company and it’s a part of your marketing and branding strategy. Customers visit your site specifically for its content, appearance and usability. However, having an inappropriate web design can have a negative impact on your business. Here come the 6 common web design mistakes you should avoid while designing to get a great user experience and grow your bottom line.


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9 Tips to Consider When You Redesign a Website

Every site owner and webmaster usually redesigns their website having specific goals. One of that is to increase the number of visitors. Redesigning effects web traffic. So when you go for redesigning your website, it is important to have a clear goal in your mind. Only focusing on the artistic aspects of redesigning will not help you to increase traffic to your website you need to address customer needs as well. Today I will give you with 9 tips to consider when you redesign a website.


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Common Web Designs Mistakes You Should Not Do

Your Options are wide open when you start designing a website, But you should follow some web design standard when you design a website. Because all the business are getting benefit from a quality websites. Here I have listed most common mistakes you should not do when you design a website.


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6 Tips to create a good websites

1. Navigation

Active navigation

Let the user know which page they are in. This will give to the user very good usability boost in any site. They are lot way to creating the active navigation in web site. Mostly active navigation is to do with server site.


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