5 Great Free Chrome Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Google's Chrome Web Store is now up and running.There are both free and paid apps available on Google chrome app store. I have been playing around with quite a few Chrome Apps and I am already loving the experience with it.

Today, I will talk a few of my favorite Chrome applications.


1. Read Later Fast

Read Later Fast is a build in bookmark future in Google chrome browser. It will reduce the hedeche of messy book mark folder . After you install the application just right click and select Read Later link in the menu. The page will be addedd under Unread.

The great feature is that, it will wok in offline and another good feature is the Text View button. Which will show you only main part of your page. Read Later fast can used to archive pages.

Download: Read Later Fast


2. Quick Note

Quick note is a light weight note taking app in chrome for writing and managing the notes. This app save notes on local computer,so you can  access in off line also.

The great feature is that, you can note directly to app or copy the content from web page.  if you need to copy the content  just right click and select the new note. It will appear right side of your browser. Now you can drag it to note pan. Not only text, you can copy the images into your notes which is more powerful.

Download: Quick Note


3. Scratchpad

scratchpad is a simple note-taking application. It pops up its own new window on the screen. Scratchpad not only run in its own tiny window, but it has the ability to create desktop shortcuts, can actually be run as its own program. It has spell checking, simple formatting like bold, italics and underline, as well as bullet or numbered lists. This makes it is a simple word processor.  Scratchpad also synchronizes withGoogle Docs.

Download: Scratchpad


4. is allows you to create todo lists and you can create your task. It contains predefined categories for to-do lists so you can easily organize your tasks and later view them. With drag and drop funcitality you can simply move the taks form one project to another.

The Chrome app will let you quickly access your account. Once installed in your chrome browser you can Login using your Google account. You can link your Google account to your existing account.



5. Picnik Photo Editor

Picnik Photo Editor free app gives you easy-to-use amazing tools to make your pictures look the great. It comes with basic fixes to professional quality effects to touch up tools  It has font selection shapes and stickers Picnik connects right to all your favorite photo sharing sites like Facebook, Picasa Web, Flickr, Photobucket, and more.

After installation you can open Picnik Photo Editor in a special Chrome tab, conveniently available and out of the way of your other tabs. Just click the settings on the Picnik icon and select "Open as pinned tab".

Download: Picnik Photo Editor

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