Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups - What to Choose?

In Facebook, the common question asked about, is “should I create a Group or launch a Page”? Ever since FB launched their pages product as part of their larger advertising strategy in November 2007, there has been confusion over which to use. It’s important to understand this, so you are able to make the right decision based upon your requirements.

FB Fan Pages and FB Groups are mini websites that help individuals, businesses and organizations to promote what they do and / or sell.

What are Facebook pages?

FB pages are a tool for companies and public figures to connect their fans and customers. It’s a shadow for your brand (business, organization, music etc...) with opengraph. FB pages and “graph entities” will continue to serve as a tool for FB users to interact with companies and public figures in

To create a fan page, you simply have to go to and create a new page.

Here, for example, is the sendesignz page on FB.

What are Facebook groups?

Groups are a bit different than pages. Groups have administrators that manage the group, approve applicants or invite others to join. Administrators can also appoint “officers” who are nominally in charge. However, being an officer doesn’t mean the person has the ability to administer the group.

Because of these privacy settings, FB’s groups are comparable to clubs in the offline world. Administrators can invite members to join via FB mail and email, and public groups can be found through FB search.

To create a group, login to facebook and click create group which is on the left side.

What to choose?

There are number of factors you need to consider before selecting which suits for your project. A Page or a Group.

Individual vs. Corporate

FB groups are set up for more personal activities. Groups are connected to the people who administrate them. The activities that happening inside the group could reflect on you personally. A FB page is similar to a profile page, but has more of a business or organizational focus.  Even though FB ask you to choose a category when creating a page, there are no limitations on what these pages can be used for. You need a FB profile to create a page, but once created it can be managed by many administrators. Page will collect members whom are usually call fans.

Email and Updates

One of the best features of groups is that, the ability to send direct message to the members in FB inbox. But it’s limited to only 5,000 members in the group. If you are looking to build a group for business/marketing purposes, this feature is useless as the group will exceed the limit.

Pages can have unlimited fans and page administrators. They can send updates to fans through the page, and these updates will appear in the “Updates” section of fans’ inboxes.

Create Events

Both FB groups and FB pages are allowing you to create events. One of the greatest weaknesses of FB events created by FB Page administrators is that you cannot send inbox messages to your fans. Instead, users are sent only page updates. A decent percentage of FB page fan base, will see the update about new events, many fans will not see the notification.

Usability and customization

There are number of apps available to modify and manage your FB Page. But FB group has limited options when it comes to usability.

Facebook Mark up Language (FBML)

FBML is basically for developers to build FB applications. FBML is only supported by FB pages. Groups do not support FBML.

SEO support

Both FB groups and FB pages are indexed by search engines, however FB pages provide administrators with better search engine optimization opportunities. FB pages will show up more often in Google results, as compared to FB groups. When somebody searches for your company, FB page is most likely to appear just beneath your company website. The importance of FB page will increase by appearing in the top of Google search results if you don’t have a website.

Validity URL

Once the page has accrued 25 or more likes / fans, FB page allows a company to have a validity URL. Validity URLs are the unique URLs that redirect users to your FB page. FB groups do not have this functionality. Validity URL is a great promotional tool which you can more easily promote your FB page.

Engagement Metrics

One of the greatest values of FB Pages is a feature called “Page insights“. Page insights provide administrators with information about the demographic break down of their FB Page fan base as well as engagement information.  Page insights provides administrators with details about user interactions, daily and monthly fan activity, the source of your fans, from where your fans are joining your page, whether through your blog, website or other external sources.

Social Ads

In addition to traditional marketing efforts social ads are a very economical method to grow your FB page. Pricing is flexible, making it ideal for small business budgets and it is simple to setup by clicking the prompt to create an ad on different locations of your business page.

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