5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO (search engine optimization) is the way to boost your online presence by getting better search engine rankings. Google has been doing a lot to improve the search quality. If you are not on google, you are not on the Internet. In this post I will outline the methods you in order to comply with Googles new algorithm.


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SEO and Web Design

In the business world there is a big difference between getting to the top and staying on the top. A business can get to the top within a very short time but relevant and consistent efforts should be made for it to stay there. In this case effective strategies need to be devised. One of them is the using the internet to reach out to the target customers. This will involve creating a business website where the services or goods that a business offers will be made available to online customers at a fee. However, if a website is not visible to internet users then it will be of no use for a business in its quest to achieve more sales and profitability.


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8 SEO Tips to Improve Your Web Design

A great website design is important to any business, if they are trying to success in the Internet marketing. But not only good web design it also should have a good search engine optimization as well. Some SEO rules are easy to follow. When you porperly excecute these rules you can feel the visitors experience as well . But in reality only few follow these rules. In this article I will give you 8 SEO tips to improve your web design.


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SEO Tips and Tricks

The first Question you should answer “Who is your Audences?” Find out some demographics – they will impact the degree of design sophistication, colours, font size, etc. For example, a website for kids will have a very different look compared to a website for financial planners and a Design is better for the technically sound user might not better for the non-technical user.


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Understanding the use of SEO spiders

You must be wondering what is SEO spiders. Search engine “spider” also known as a “crawler” is a software program that search engines (such as Google, Excite, Alta Vista, Lycos etc.)  use to find out whats out there on the web. A search engine spider is actually just a server based software application that is designed to compile and maintain search engine databases.The web is a huge place, so some one has to  travel  and see whats offered on it every second of every day, and the spider is it. If you have your own website, you should be aware of that search engine optimization is a must for increasing the page rank of your website.


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