11 Best Website Themes for Luxury Hotel and Resort

Hotel and hospitality industry gain business because of their customer service. First impression is more important. Mostly your customers make online booking. So you should have modern looking and quality website.In this article, we will show you the best hotel themes to help you select the perfect look for your hotel website.


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19 Creative Portfolio Websites to Inspire You

Creating portfolio website is one of the most challenging task for web designers. Beautiful portfolio not only displays the outstanding talents up for hire, it is also makes design works sparkle and grabs visitors attention immediately. Did you check our roundup with 10 Beautiful & Clean Web Designs Inspiration 2015 and also our previous list with 12 Creative Photography Websites to Impress You?


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10 Beautiful & Clean Web Designs Inspiration 2015


Web design grows and so many awesome things are being published daily and web design has changed dramatically. Modern design trends have rapidly improved. Flat color scheme, web typography has got much better. Below I have listed 10 clean sites will impress you.


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12 Creative Photography Websites to Impress You


If you want to become a successful photographer you should have an online beautiful online portfolio. Most clients believe only what they see. You portfolio site is a visual proof for them to witness your personality, skills and creativity. I have listed most beautiful and Photography websites that you could find, analyzing the design trends.


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19 Creative and Fresh Green Websites for Your Inspiration

Green background websites are giving yourself relax and refreshing. That’s why it is became one of the preferred colors of web designers today. In this post I will showcase collection of fantastic website designs featuring the color Green using many creative ways! Green often conveys nature/environment which can be handy for a business of that field. If you’re designing a site with a lot of green, take a look at the sites shown here and you’ll get some ideas of other colors that could complete your color scheme.


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